New online procedure to declare your change of address to the Préfecture (student residence permit)

You are requested by law to declare your change of address within six months after your move. We advise you to declare it as soon as possible as you might need to justify this change of address for other administrative issues (work permit for example).


You should connect to the website below:

You will then be requested to enter your personal details.


The process is quick and easy and the only requested document will be your housing proof (which you must upload on the platform). 

You will receive a confirmation by email at the end of the process.


You will be informed by email or by SMS when the new card is ready. You will have to collect it from the Préfecture in charge of your place of residence (not automatically in Cergy as it was the case before).


The cost for the new card will be 25 euros.


If you need any help, please contact Laura or Edith at the Registrar Office.


In any case, please inform us as soon as you start the process and make sure to upload the copy of your new residence permit in your MyRegistrar intranet once it is available.