1/ Before the first log-in, you should create a personal account and register to ”Etudes en France” on the Website of the Campus France office in your country of residence. See List of countries where there is a Campus France procedure.

2/ You will receive an email "Account creation confirmation" with a link to activate your account.

3/ Once your account is activated, you log-in to your Campus France portal. Please read carefully the instructions provided in the User Guide available online.

4/ On Home Page, you click on "Admitted candidate" ("je suis accepté"). Indeed you already have a letter of admission provided by the Admissions Office at ESSEC.

5/ Complete your application and enter in the corresponding field, the name of the institution that welcomes you in France: ESSEC-Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (which is the complete name of ESSEC) and the Academic program into which you have been admitted.

6/ Upload all the requested documents such as your official letter of admission into ESSEC which must include your full name as shown in your passport, the exact start and end dates of the academic program... (Name your supporting documents clearly and be careful with the format of the documents).

7/ Verify your entries and submit. Your application has been submitted to Campus France.

8/ At the end of the procedure, you’ll be able to download an attestation “Studies in France” (“Etudes en France”). Save and print this attestation since this document will be required by the French Consulate when you submit your application for the French visa. Depending on the country this attestation could be delivered at your Campus France office.

9/ You will receive notifications in your personal inbox with the amount of processing fees and the interview appointment notification.

Once you finished the interview and your application is verified by Campus France, you can continue the process at the French Consulate.

List of French Consulates in the world

Official website for visa application to France

Caution! If you are residing in a country other than your country of origin, to avoid confusion and delays, please let us know.

Example : Li is a Chinese national, born in Beijing, living in Brazil. We notify Campus France in Beijing and get their reply that they have no trace of Li's application, hence some delay.