Depending on the bank, the requirements for your guarantor in France may vary. Some banks request that the guarantor be a French national, other banks that he/she be a close relative, etc.

In all cases, this guarantor must be a physical person, have a revenue in France and pay taxes in France.

Bear in mind that these identity details are not enough. Indeed your guarantor must have a revenue (income, real estate ownership, stock options, you name it) that is sufficient to cover repayment of your entire loan in case of default.

Whatever loan your guarantor may already have (car, housing, his/her own studies, etc) will reduce his/her capacity to borrow for more funds.

We recommend that you contact your current bank counsellor, ask for all of the requirements set by the bank's national policy, make an appointment with your guarantor who has to sign in person.

Please let us know of any change so we can improve this FAQ and help other non French students.