1) in France with a French Guarantor / en France avec garant français

Depending on the bank, the requirements for your guarantor in France may vary. Some banks request that the guarantor be a French national, other banks that he/she be a close relative, etc.

In all cases, this guarantor must be a physical person, have a revenue in France and pay taxes in France.

Bear in mind that these identity details are not enough. Indeed your guarantor must have a revenue (income, real estate ownership, stock options, you name it) that is sufficient to cover repayment of your entire loan in case of default.

Whatever loan your guarantor may already have (car, housing, his/her own studies, etc) will reduce his/her capacity to borrow for more funds.

We recommend that you contact your current bank counsellor, ask for all of the requirements set by the bank's national policy, make an appointment with your guarantor who has to sign in person.

Please let us know of any change so we can improve this FAQ and help other non French students.

2) via Prodigy Finance (video) - 

Prodigy Finance offers non European graduate students the possibility to get a student loan, in US Dollars, disbursed directly to the School.

Please note that graduate students enrolled in Singapore may also apply. Adjustments will be made shortly by Prodigy Finance IT team to list the academic programs and calculate the amount of tuition and living expenses.

In case students enrolled in Singapore have their loan accepted by Prodigy Finance, the loan amount will be disbursed in US Dollars to the School.

To apply, visit Prodigy Finance ESSEC page

Remember! A loan must be repaid. ESSEC cannot be held responsible for the decision made by the lender. ESSEC cannot interfere either with the loan amount decision.

Prodigy Finance believes in sending the world’s top talent to the globe’s best universities. That’s why they’re offering international students competitive loans without collateral or a co-signer. Their model is borderless and entirely online, allowing them to offer loans to 150 nationalities of students.

While traditional banks base their loan decisions on historical salaries, Prodigy Finance looks to the future. They assess applicants’ future earning potential – not their credit history.

Who’s eligible for a Prodigy Finance loan?

Click here to see what ESSEC programs are supported by Prodigy Finance.

Why choose Prodigy Finance?

  • No collateral or co-signer required
  • Easy and fast online process
  • Community benefits including career services and scholarships
  • No repayments while you study
  • No penalties for early repayment
  • No hidden costs

Interest rates vary depending on individual applicants. See more detail and get started on your application on Prodigy Finance’s website.

Procedure once the loan has been approved: 

Please note that Prodigy Finance loans are disbursed in US Dollars directly to ESSEC. 

Students who are billed in SGD will also have their loan disbursed in US Dollars

ESSEC will convert the amount received based on the exchange rate of the day of payment. Prodigy Finance pays 3 weeks after students have started courses, i.e second or third week of September in agreement with ESSEC.

In case of a balance in favor of the student after the amount has been applied against tuition, ESSEC will transfer the difference to the student's bank account. 

On the other hand, in case the loan amount is not sufficient to cover the tuition fees, the student is responsible for paying the difference.

Caution! In case you are enrolled in a multiple-year course, beware that Prodigy Finance will not allow you to apply for an additional loan once you are in France (the grace period is between 6 to 8 months after your arrival in France). You must verify this with Prodigy Finance ahead of time.

3) via Earnest