In case you are an American citizen or a permanent resident of the USA who would like to apply for a Direct Loan and/or a PLUS loan, please read the attached document carefully and proceed as per the instructions given in the lower left corner of the Loan Flowchart. It describes the steps you have to follow so we can review your data, calculate the loan amount you are eligible for and send you confirmation of the disbursement amounts as well as the disbursement dates in the so-called "Visa Letter". Indeed this document may be required by the French consulate when verifying your financial resources.

Once your US loans (Direct and/or PLUS) have been certified by ESSEC, the ESSEC payment deadlines no longer apply to you. The registrar's office will modify your ledger as per the disbursement schedule of your US loans. See the dates in ESSEC US Loans website.

Please note that only students enrolled at ESSEC Cergy are eligible. 

Please note that students enrolled in ESSEC Singapore may not be eligible for US federal aid.

Please note that no online course is permitted or the entire program loses its eligibility for federal aid. At this date Congress made an exception to the law only during the Covid-19 period and has not yet voted any change of the law.

For full details on eligibility, procedure, amounts, disbursements, please consult ESSEC US Loans website

Eligibility criteria are most important as foreign schools are governed by different regulations from those applying to US domestic schools.