The sending of the invitation to pass the final language test is a fully automated process based on the end month of mobility entered by the participant in his/her OLS profile. Only the participant can change the date. 

Participants receive the invitation email for the final language test on the 15th or 16th of the last month of their mobility, 


Entered last month : 09/2019 = OLS automatic invitation for last language test : 15 or 16 Sept 2019

You also receive 5 reminders, either directly through the email or through the connection page of the OLS, that the test has been activated and is accessible over a period of 2 weeks after the 1st invitation. 

Furthermore, at every connection to the OLS site, a message is displayed which clearly indicates the date when the final test has been or will be activated. 

Participants who have a locked licence and who need to take the test now, should reactivate their final test by connecting to the OLS and replacing the entered last month by the the current month.

You will find in below a screenshot showing how you can access your mobility profiles and where to edit the end month if required.