The sending of invitation emails to final tests is a fully automated process based on the end month of mobility which participants enter in their OLS profile as the end of their mobility. They are the only ones who can change this month. 

Participants receive the invitation email on the 15th or 16th of the month that they have indicated in their profile as the end of their mobility. They also receive 5 reminders over a period of 2 weeks after this invitation. 

These emails are just an information that the test has been activated and is accessible, wether directly through the email or through the connection page of the OLS. All participants can always check the end of mobility month indicated in their OLS profile (You will find in attachment a screenshot you can send them to show how to access this profile when they have connected to the OLS).

Furthermore, at every connection to the OLS site, a message is displayed which clearly indicates the date when their final test will be/has been activated. 

Participants have in fact 3 months to thake their final assessment: a simple connection to the OLS show them if they still have access to the final assessment. (We prefere not to inform students that they have so much time to complete their final test in order to avoid a too large amount of expired deadlines). 

No invitation email to the final test can be resent but participants having indicadted "March" , "April" or "May" 2018

as the end of their mobility still have a direct access to the final test by simply reconnecting to the OLS event without having received the email.

Participants who have a locked licence and who need to take the test now, should reactivate their final test by connecting to the OLS and entering "May 2018" instead as the end month of their mobility. 

You will find in below a screenshot showing how they can access their mobility profiles where to edit this end month if required.