Due to the sanitary situation, the 2020-2021 edition of the Welcome Week will be in the form of Welcome Days. Below is the agenda that gives you an idea of what the Registrar plans to do as of the 24th of August onwards. Please come back since we'll update this page regularly.

1. Sessions specific to non European students

2. Sessions applicable to all full-time, degree-seeking students. Parents are welcome! 

3. Sessions "Parents" - en français & in English

4. ESSEC Bank Partners

1. Sessions specific to non European students AFTER arrival in France - via Zoom conference - English spoken

Speaker: Ms. Edith Nguyen, Chief of Registrar Front Office

Name of sessionPurposeDay and TimeZOOM Link
This session combines

1. Online validation of your long-stay student visa
click HERE for explanations


2. Online Registration to French Social Security health plan. Click HERE for more.
1. Convert your student visa into a valid residence permit for your first year in France

2. Start your health coverage in France

You must prepare electronic version of requested documents to upload

11. 9 October 12pm 


10. 1 October, 4.30 pm


9. 23 September,
 10:00 a.m


8. 15 September, 2:00 p.m


7. 11 September, 2:00 p.m


6. 4 September,
 2:00 p.m


5. 1 September, 10:00 a.m


4. 28 August, changed to 11:00 a.m


3. 27 August, 2:00 p.m

 2. 25 August, 2:30 p.m


1. 24 August, 2:00 p.m

11. https://zoom.us/j/91041560588?pwd=VDFVYkRTYmFrMUhWWDhkOWk2ZFhMZz09 


10. https://zoom.us/j/96902210233?pwd=NlhHRkpIZWg3K0piZGtISHNHRUxDQT09

9. https://zoom.us/j/94699500996?pwd=czhrS0hrSExJUUNRQWdlakY0c2pRZz09


8. https://zoom.us/j/91310088362?pwd=N3Q2alN2VUlUU0d3VTZFZ09GQzRrZz09

7. https://zoom.us/j/99249755542?pwd=SHh1S1R2OEVBNTFwam1HMitmZHRRUT09

6. https://zoom.us/j/92321969524?pwd=N2FTUVJNNFNPQWUxdk5VVmtZNnFidz09

5. https://zoom.us/j/99218461586?pwd=Y2RuUTQ4Qk5RcjA1dFB2cDhhb2MxQT09

4. https://zoom.us/j/94215843113?pwd=SzdwcFdDK0NPRWZ5MndDNzJJSDhJUT09

3. https://zoom.us/j/94703530974?pwd=Z2lDU2N6WGpBU2xid1JHWndiWElGdz09

2. https://zoom.us/j/98655501643?pwd=UEdnUmJCaHFKZmpZUmlza2lMa3J4dz09

1. https://zoom.us/j/97670697375?pwd=c2NHeEdyQzczb3RqNlU3OHg1cW5odz09
Renew your French residence permitYou've been in France for the past year or more, you have to renew your soon-to-expire French residence permit
Prepare photocopies of requested documents before you attend
By appointment, submit your request via ERnest platform

2. Sessions applicable to all full-time, degree-seeking students. Parents are welcome! Mainly via ZOOM Conference.

Speaker: Ms. Evelyne Nickel, Head of Registrar

Name of sessionPurposeDay and Time ZOOM Link Language
Just arrived or about to arrive in France: what to do?Open a bank account, its functioning
Update on sanitary rules in France
Feel free to ask all you wish
1. Monday 24 August,
3:00 p.m (Paris time)

2. Monday 31 August, 3:00 p.m (Paris time)
1. https://zoom.us/j/95325650817?pwd=UGR5REorbkxGaTFtSUFIUWsrNW9jdz09

2. https://zoom.us/j/92280968417?pwd=b1Z0SEIwaVZ4M0RQdm5VUEM1b3ptUT09
French Social Security: how does it work?Know what it covers, what it does not include, what is complementary insurance, etc. Distinguish between types of insurance1. Tuesday 25 August 2020, at 3:00 p.m (Paris time)

2. Wednesday 23 September, at 12:15 p.m
1. https://zoom.us/j/95968162494?pwd=Y2NWUnlxNUQ5VUg0KzVKeitvV3BxUT09

2. https://zoom.us/j/98757373270?pwd=KzRRbzR5c2dpK0pvRWRUTVptNHVLZz09

Sécurité Sociale Française: son fonctionnementComprendre ce qu'elle inclut, ce qu'elle n'inclut pas, ce qu'est une mutuelle. Distinguer les types d'assurance1. jeudi 27 août 2020, 17h (Paris time)1. https://zoom.us/j/95133226685?pwd=WUFLR3liRkR6ZEJMQjZYdHlMVEhZZz09

Tuition payment versus
- length of the curriculum,
- reductions,
- apprenticeship
Grande Ecole and BBA must understand what their payments cover and what billing they should expect. Programs eligible to apprenticeship: what is sponsored by apprenticeship, what is not.1. Thursday 27 August 2020, at 3:00 p.m (Paris time)

2. more sessions upon request
1. https://zoom.us/j/94269712109?pwd=VFJaNWdVcU05UHVQZVJSaXV2cVRmZz09

Frais de scolarité versus
- durée du cusus,
- réductions,
- apprentissage
Grande Ecole et BBA doivent comprendre ce que les paiements incluent et quelle facturation attendre. Les programmes éligibles à l'apprentissage: ce qui est pris en charge et ce qui ne l'est pas1. mercredi 2 septembre 2020, 11h (Paris time)

2. mardi 15 septembre 2020, 18h (Paris time)
1. https://zoom.us/j/96348153982?pwd=Wkg3SGgvT2ZVbUVtVytUVTRQZ0dSdz09

2. https://zoom.us/j/91826467501?pwd=UW1DNmd4Y0p1T01PMzBRZFhNeXlnZz09


3. Sessions "Parents". Distance communication offers a great opportunity to answer parents' questions! 

La communication à distance nous donne l'occasion de répondre aux questions des parents qui ne peuvent pas venir!

Speaker: Ms. Evelyne Nickel, Head of Registrar

Name of sessionPurposeDay and TimeZOOM LinkLanguage
Parents du Global BBAForum ouvert: vos questions hors pédagogiejeudi 3 septembre 2020, 19h (heure de Paris)https://zoom.us/j/98294048045?pwd=U2RuWFZxYVBnT3YyZytqaUU2bnlJQT09français
Global BBA parentsOpen Forum: ask all your questionsFriday 4 September 2020, 3:00 p.m Paris timehttps://zoom.us/j/95697901221?pwd=anNUUUdRZGhWSHFEUzVXRTZEQmtqdz09English
Parents de la Grande Ecole Pré Master après classes prépasForum ouvert: vos questions hors pédagogiemardi 1er septembre 2020, 19h (heure de Paris)https://zoom.us/j/96402368410?pwd=L0QvZ2I5NnJ2K1ZVSTF0MkQvaFdNZz09français

4. ESSEC Bank Partners

BankPurposePlace, Day and Time
BNP ParibasOpen an account, student loan- Galion, every day from 24/08 to 31/08, 9 to 5.
- Above Grand Hall from 01/09 to 25/09, 9 to 5.
Société Générale