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The ESSEC Global MBA is a full-time MBA, offering five Majors with an overall emphasis on international markets. The digital impact currently experienced by all companies will be strongly present in the program giving it a unique structure.

You will focus on fundamental business concepts through strong academic and innovative learning approaches. You will also benefit from immersion in real-world projects and business situations through field trips and company visits, which will provide you with the skills needed to succeed in landing your future dream job.

Choose your specialization

You will choose a deeply-embedded major. Unique to ESSEC, majors are anchored in ESSEC Centers of Excellence, and provide a conducive environment for intensive exposure and learning.

Our 5 Majors

The ESSEC Global MBA Alliance of Strategic Leaders

This Alliance of Strategic Leaders is chaired by Mr. Pierre Nanterme, CEO of Accenture. With industry experts representing all the five majors, this Alliance provides advice on the corporate needs and trends, academic content, strategic partnerships, and access to corporate resources. The Alliance leaders also serve as the program’s ambassadors to help establish strong relationships between the industry and Global MBA participants.Members of the Alliance of Strategic Leaders :

  • Pierre Nanterme - Chairman & CEO at ACCENTURE
  • Arnaud Vaissié - CEO at INTERNATIONAL SOS
  • Bénédicte Richard - Director Human Resources and Organizational Development Fragrance and Beauty at CHANEL
  • Cyril Ranque - President Lodging Partner Services at EXPEDIA INC.
  • Eric Labaye - Senior Partner (Director) at MCKINSEY & COMPANY,
  • Floriane de Saint Pierre - Founder and President at FLORIANE DE SAINT PIERRE & ASSOCIES
  • Jean-Luc Placet - President, People and Organization at PwC,
  • Nitila Natarajan - Head, Banking Products APAC at UBS WEALTH MANAGEMENT, SINGAPORE
  • Purushotaman Ramakrishna - Deputy CEO at CIO ACADEMY ASIA,
  • Robert Vassoyan - President at CISCO FRANCE,
  • Thierry Oriez - Chairman at J.M. WESTON

Tuition and Application Fees

Application fee for the Global MBA for the 2019-2020 academic year is 130€ for all Majors.

Tuition for the ESSEC Global MBA depends on the campus choice.

For programs on the ESSEC France Campus, tuition is fixed at €45,000 for 2019-2020.

For programs on the ESSEC Asia-Pacific Campus, tuition is fixed at SGD73,700 (GST included), for 2019-2020.

Major choice at either campus does not influence the tuition fee.

For both campuses, the tuition fee covers all academic courses, seminars, and one study trip. Items not included in the tuition fees are:

  • Living Costs: Approximately €900 -1,000/month, covering housing, food, and others 
  • Additional Costs: 
    • Alumni association life-long membership (1,600 distributed in annual installments over the program duration)
    • Textbooks and course materials;
    • Compulsory health and liability insurance as required by law (certificate to be provided upon arrival); 
    • Sports and leisure
    • Participants specializing in Luxury Brand Management will do three additional compulsory field trips: to Italy to study the luxury fashion business model, to Dubai to understand luxury brand management in emerging markets, and to Switzerland to appreciate the watches business model. The additional mandatory fee for these field trips, over and above the tuition fees, is €2,500.

You can download a detailed breakdown of the fees and expenses here.


Bank Loans

As an ESSEC participant, you may be eligible for a preferential rate bank loan with the Cergy branch of LCL, which covers full tuition and is repaid starting at the end of your first year of work. Please be advised that loan applicants are strictly required to have a guarantor living in France. According to the banks, the guarantor must earn enough to cover the monthly loan payments but also either be a French citizen, a close family member and/or both. Additional fees and expenses will be the responsibility of the participant.

Prodigy Finance

Participants from 150 different nationalities looking to apply to the Global MBA program may apply to Prodigy Finance loans. Contrary to the banks in France, Prodigy does not require a collateral or co-signer. These loans are granted on the participant's future earning potential and do not take into account credit history. Interested candidates may apply online on the Prodigy website. There is no hidden fee or early repayment fee. Interest rates may vary depending on individual profiles. Funds are directly dispersed to the school in euro (€), thus no exchange rates are borne by the participant. Disbursement starts from September 14, 2018 and the loan application processing time may go up to a month and a half. The sooner you apply, the better. We advise you to read carefully the Prodigy website to check your eligibility before applying.

Scholarships & Financial Aid   Find info about scholarships and financing options available for the Global MBA.

ESSEC Scholarships

Early Action

ESSEC wishes to reward its applicants who are ambitious and organized to submit their application early. The following Early Action Scholarships will be awarded to registered students who submit their applications in the corresponding Admissions Rounds.

Round 1 €2,000 / SGD3,000
Round 2 €1,500 / SGD2,000
Round 3 €1,000 / SGD1,500

Early Bird

€3000 / SGD4,500

Confirmation with deposit fee within 3 weeks of admission.

Young Potential Leader

Up to €15,000 / SGD23,000

Competitive GMAT score, outstanding performance during the interview and overall excellence.

Kindly note that admitted students will be considered for scholarships by default and no additional scholarship application is required.
Scholarship decisions are made during the application procedure and will be communicated in tandem with the admission results.

Regional Diversity

Up to €15,000 / SGD23,000

Best candidate from various geographic regions.

Kindly note that admitted students will be considered for scholarships by default and no additional scholarship application is required.
Scholarship decisions are made during the application procedure and will be communicated in tandem with the admission results.

Partner Scholarships

ESSEC-QS Future Leader Scholarship

Up to €20,000 / SGD30,500

In conjunction with QS, ESSEC Business School offers a generous scholarship of up to 20,000€ (30,500 SGD) to the winner of an essay contest. To qualify, all applicants must have attended a QS event, and are to prepare an essay of about 500 words, on the following topic: "Describe how you have so far demonstrated excellence in leadership". This scholarship is awarded to those who demonstrate the strongest leadership potential through their essay. A strong admissions file, and financial need are also factors for consideration.

Apply Now

ESSEC USA Alumni International Leadership Award - Philippe Mathé Fellowship

€5,000 / SGD7,500

"International Leadership Award - Philippe Mathé Fellowship" of 5,000€ for qualified candidates who have an undergraduate degree from a US, Canadian or Mexican university, or who have significant professional experience in the US, Canada, or Mexico.

Apply Now

Deadline: 15th March 2019.

Serge Bellanger French-American Business Scholarship


The scholarship is offered by the French-­American Chamber of Commerce to American students interested in pursuing an MBA in France. Worth $10,000, the scholarship is merit based with financial need taken into consideration. 

Apply Now

Deadline: Monday, 29 April 2019

The Firmenich Scholarship (Luxury Brand Management major only)


The scholarship is offered by Firmenich to students interested in pursuing the Global MBA Luxury Brand Management Major only. The candidate must demonstrate financial need.

Apply Now

Deadline: Friday, 15 March 2019

L'Oréal Scholarship (Luxury Brand Management major only)


Since 1995, L’Oréal has encouraged the development of the Luxury Brand Management Major as a welcome initiative to prepare top-notch managers with multicultural experience and a flair for luxury brands. L’Oréal thus decided to award a scholarship in order to encourage particularly international and creative applicants to follow the MBA.

Apply Now

Deadline: Friday, 15 March 2019

LIFE Scholarship

Lebanese International Finance Executives Scholarship

Lebanese International Finance Executives (LIFE) is a non-for profit membership organisation providing a platform to channel the influence of Lebanese Finance Executives worldwide in order to establish stronger bonds, nurture the next generation and promote Lebanon.

The LIFE scholarship provides support to talented Lebanese students – or those of Lebanese descent – with financial needs, to pursue their academic aspirations in the field of finance. It is a unique combination of financial support and mentorship opportunity by a LIFE Senior Member who will provide guidance and advice to the scholars on their professional objectives.

To apply, please visit the LIFE website.

Deadline: Friday, 31 May 2019