The reason why you may not be able to register on website might be due to the fact that you first registered on the CAF platform to receive your housing subsidy (APL). Indeed CAF superseded Social Security by generating a Social Security number. The problem is that you were not informed by CAF.

1.  You received this kind of email:

Au revoir …. !

Nous ne pouvons donner suite à votre demande d'inscription car votre situation ne le permet pas : Un numéro d'immatriculation vous a déjà été attribué.

Nous vous invitons donc à prendre contact avec la caisse du lieu de votre résidence.

Votre correspondant de la Sécurité Sociale étudiante.

2.  You have to call 0811 709 724 (English speaking)

     You should explain that you received the previous email and that you want to know your definite Social Security                 number.

3. You will receive an email on how to proceed:


Mr  X…,

You have been assigned a definite Social Security number:

This number does not result from your registration through the website “étudiant étranger”.

Therefore, you must contact your local Health Insurance office (CPAM: Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie) to complete your application.

You can go to your local CPAM office with your Social Security number and submit the following documents:

- S1106 Form (available online:

- Copy of your residence permit or visa

- Copy of your ID or passport

- Certificate of school enrollment

- IBAN (International Bank Account Number)

Once your request is processed and your affiliation is done, your medical expenses will be reimbursed by the French Health Insurance. You will also be able to apply for a Social Security Card also known as “carte Vitale”.

Your Health Insurance Counsellor

4.  You need to prepare a paper file for your local CPAM

You should prepare all the documents required + a copy of your birth certificate, a recent housing proof and the copy of the email (with your definite Social Security number).

5.  You either post your documents to your local CPAM:

If you live in Cergy or in 95:    Assurance Maladie du Val d’Oise 

                                                95017 Cergy Pontoise Cedex 


                 Or drop the envelop in the letter box (with the logo of “l’Assurance Maladie”) outside the building 

Or bring your file in person (it is in the same building as OFII). Expect some queuing in line.