Do not confuse the Admission Module and the Enrollment Module. See pictures below to distinguish them : Admission says "Application" whereas Enrollment says "Inscription", plus the shade of blue is different.

Please read all the words of the instructions carefully and use the proper credentials before and after your payment.

Admission Module

The following 3 steps are handled by the Admission department.


1. Upon admission, prior to the payment of the deposit, an acceptance certificate will be made available on the application portal It will mention the amount of the deposit to be paid.

2. After you have paid the deposit to secure your seat, an official acceptance letter will be made available on the application portal 

Once you have paid the deposit, you will have to identify yourself with your ESSEC BID starting with B00 (not your personal mail) and your new password. The updated acceptance letter will confirm that the deposit has been paid. It will also indicate the starting date of your program of enrollment that might be useful for your visa application.

3. No original acceptance letter will be sent unless you make a specific request to Admissions. If you need a paper version, please connect again to and click on “contact us”. In your message, you should specify your full postal address as well as a valid mobile number (including country and area codes).


Enrollment Module

The following 2 steps are handled by the Registrar Office.


  1. After you have paid your deposit, you will be invited by the Registrar to complete your online administrative enrollment on the enrollment portal 

During that process, you will be requested to upload the copy of your passport as well as your birth certificate in French or English (the translation must be official). 

2. Once your enrollment has been validated by the Registrar and you have received the email “enrollment file completed”, you will  be granted access to your MyRegistrar intranet : From My Documents section, you can download your enrollment certificate stamped by the Registrar.

Having access to your intranet, you can start paying your tuition fees by bank card. You can make multiple payments as long as the full amount is settled by August 31st  of the year of entry or 23rd of July for Global MBA students.