6 August 2020: update from the French Prime Minister

Please click on [ Campus France page ]. See also attachments below, in English or in French. This update modifies the email you were sent by your academic program, hence our answers below.

Plus, this page is regularly updated based on your incoming questions, please come back and consult. Thank you!

Following this email ( click HERE to see it in full) you were sent, entitled

you have had questions which at the Registrar we try to answer as best as possible, taking into account the Prime Minister's instructions:

1. Please tell me if I arrive on August 24, 2020 and isolate myself for 14 days, then how can I attend the Welcome Days or sessions with banks, register with French Social Security? 

We have planned dual presentations so you can either be present physically or attend via Zoom conferences. 

Schedule, type of presentations will be announced mid-August in this page of the Office of the Registrar website.

2. Is the Enrollment certificate that can be downloaded from My Registrar in digital format (rather than with the original ESSEC stamp) suitable to use to receive Social Security and First Plastic Card Residence Permit?

Yes, as you register to Social Security online with our help, you can use the electronic version of your enrollment certificate. 

See our article on registration to Social Security.

You get your French residence permit in the form of a plastic card after one year in France, when you renew your permit, that is the long stay student visa, equivalent of a permit. See our article on Renewal of French residence permit.

3. Will I break some rules if I do something at the wrong time?

There will be 2 requests made by ESSEC:

1. to sign electronically a commitment to abide by the sanitary rules of the country where you are as an ESSEC student

2. to provide the Registrar with a sworn statement of no epidemic symptoms (see in attachment templates you can use) or a negative test (less than 72 hours before boarding). This must be uploaded in MyRegistrar  https://essec.myintranet.online/

4. Is Welcome week cancelled or not? If it is not cancelled, when will it be and how will I attend it, if I have to be isolated?

See Answer to # 1. It is not cancelled, it'll be a different format, flexible, rather Welcome Days.

5. When I get into my apartment, it will be fully empty. Obviously, I will have to buy lots of utensils for the kitchen (forks, spoons, plates, pan, etc..), bed linens, towels, etc… How will I buy all this if I am isolated?

You can book the Alegessec pack that includes the bare necessities such as bed linen, kitchenware. As per our colleagues from Alegessec's instructions, please ask your questions directly to alegessec-gestion@essec.edu.

6. Obviously I will need food. How will I go to the store to buy food, if I will have to be isolated?

Students order online. Plus there is a housekeeper who can dispatch deliveries but students are faster since they can track their order.

7. If I don’t have an opportunity during isolation to register to Social Security and, accidently, get sick by Coronavirus, what medical treatment can I expect to receive? Only the one provided by my current tourist insurance? Or the French government compensates for the medical costs in this case?

In addition to Social Security, you must have a so-called complementary insurance, which you can subscribe to in France online or just before your arrival. See our article about insurance.

8. I come from Argentina, do I have to do a 7-day self-isolation if I have a negative test? I don't want to miss too many classes.

Either you have a less than 72 hour negative test or you do a voluntary 14-day quarantine. You can attend your classes online in the meantime.

9. If I take a virological test, and I have negative test results (which means that I am not sick with Covid), I still must go on 7- or 14-days quarantine? 

Based on the update received from the French authorities, if you have a negative test less than 72-hour old before boarding, you are not required to do a quarantine.

10. Do I have to do a notarized translation of Covid test? If yes, in what language it has to be: French or English?

Because you are required to have this test before travelling, make sure that the results can be understood by the airline company and the customs. For school purposes, English is fine.

11. If I go on a 14-day quarantine, I will miss the induction week, which lasts (according to the schedule ESSEC sent) from 3 September to 9 September. Could you explain please, what is the induction week? If I miss it because of isolation, is it possible to visit it online? 

During the induction week, each program explains the details of the whole curriculum, which are hard to remember when it is a 4-year curriculum. You also listen to various presentations from services such as Career center, Apprenticeship center, the Registrar, etc. All programs will offer dual induction presentations, that is both in class and online. The advantage of this health crisis is that all information will be posted so students can play it back.

12. In the link from the FAQ it is said that “Welcome days” will be “The day when your classes start, the day before and the following day”. The day classes start is the 3rd of September (the start of induction week) or the 10th of September (which is claimed to be “Beginning of courses”, according to ESSEC schedule)?

These are just recommendations so as to regulate the flow of incoming students and to indicate that there won't be booths like in the past years where students can stop by and ask questions. Because we'll have to ensure social distance, we cannot assist too large groups of students.   

13. I don’t understand when you will help me to register to Social security: before or after my arrival to France? The reason I am confused is because:

On website: “ https://www.ameli.fr/val-d-oise/assure/droits-demarches/etudes-emploi-retraite/etudiant/french-social-security-registration-process-foreign-students ” there is information indicated from 01 juillet 2020 that:
«Before coming to France for your studies, you need to apply for membership in the French social security citizen by signing up via the etudiant-etranger.ameli.fr official website. 

Experience has shown that it is far better to do it with the assistance of my team member, Ms. Edith Nguyen, chief of Registrar front office, once you have arrived in France. Plus, since you have to upload your French bank account details for future reimbursements, this can be obtained only after your arrival. Indeed, French bank regulations forbid to open a bank account when customers are not present in France.

14. What is a "RIB"?

"RIB" stands for "Relevé d'identité bancaire". Its international equivalent is "IBAN",  acronym for International Bank Account Number. You can see ESSEC IBAN in the online payment platform if you want to make a bank transfer.

Reimbursements made by Social Security require a French account IBAN, not the bank account in your home country.

15. Is the Residence Permit presented in the form of "first residence permit, that consists in visa and OFII online validation" suitable for Social Security? 

Yes, indeed. You'll do this during our Welcome Days, in class or online, with the help of the registrar. 

One word of caution: please register to Social Security BEFORE you do the CAF (housing subsidy) with Alegessec. 

16. I am an Erasmus+ student and I will be coming in the second semester, so should I submit a Covid-19 attestation now or in December 2020 - January 2021? 

If you arrive at a later date at Cergy campus, you can submit your Covid-19 attestation just before your arrival or upon your arrival.

17. I've been in France for a year, do I have to provide a sworn attestation or negative test results?

Yes, you have to. Unfortunately, Covid-19 infected cases have also been reported in France, even in Cergy. Therefore, ESSEC has to take the proper measures to protect you all.

18.  I cannot find where to upload my attestation

Below is a screenshot : "Mes démarches" = "My administrative formalities"

"Je téléverse ici mes documents" = "I upload here my documents"

To be continued and updated ...as there are many other questions. Thank you for your attention, stay safe!

Your registrar,

Evelyne Nickel