Below is the procedure to verify a diploma awarded by a program at ESSEC Business School.

Third Parties who wish to verify the details of a graduate from ESSEC should do so via our online degree verification service.

Enquirers should provide the graduate's consent form to access the information by clicking on the following link:

Please save this link in your favourites for your next requests.

Without the student consent form, it is not possible to provide the student's information in accordance with the privacy law of 6 January 1978.

If you have any problems, queries or comments about this service, please email or by phone from 8:30 to 18:30 to +33 1 39 02 73 35.

Contact for Grande Ecole Service des Etudes / Office of Academic Affairs ESSEC Business School
Une seule adresse - A unique email address:
Remember to specify the ESSEC student identifier - B00XXXXXX - in your emails