Coup de pouce Energy is an aid of 250€ launched by the Region and the European Union:

  • Only for the Île-de-France residents (95,75,91,92,93,94,77,78) (you need to submit your 2022 tax income statement for your income in 2021 and a proof of residence of less than 3 months)
  • Granted according to the revenue and the household composition (you must not exceed the revenue limit in accordance with the number of people in the household)
  • Payment only made to a French bank account
  • Apply before October 31st 2023.

Your eligibility is based on the following: 

  • Your 2022 tax income statement for your income in 2021,
  • Your household composition indicated in consumption unities (UC) :

                • 1st household person = 1 UC

To benefit from the Coup de pouce Energy, your annual income must not exceed the amounts indicated in this table:

You live alone                  You live as a couple           UC                            Maximum annual income

Please apply before October 31st by clicking here:

For further information, please here.