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Information on how to get to ESSEC Cergy, using different ways of transportation Information on how to get to ESSEC residences Information on flights from ESSEC France to other countries

Navette bus, transport, taxi de l'aéroport Roissy Charles de Gaulle vers ESSEC, Cergy Campus / CDG Airport transfer, bus shuttle, taxi
Parents and students may worry about how they will get from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport to ESSEC campus in Cergy. Arriving in a new country can be stre...
Mer, 15 Mars, 2023 sur 6:20 H
Just arrived, how do I get from ESSEC campus in Cergy to Alegessec residence? / Je viens d'arriver, comment aller du campus à la résidence Alegessec
New students who arrive to ESSEC campus in Cergy have to pick up their keys from Alegessec counter. During the Welcome Week period (from 22/08 until 31/08,...
Jeu, 25 Juill., 2019 sur 11:56 H
Stages, échanges à l'étranger, hors France, vols négociés / Internhip, exchange abroad, outside France, discount flights
Fly The World, créée en 2014 à l’ESSEC et en 2016 à HEC, a pour ambition de devenir la référence étudiante pour les déplacements internationaux. Pour en savo...
Mer, 4 Juill., 2018 sur 12:31 H
Information about Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, bus 9518 to and from Cergy / aéroport Roissy Charles de Gaulle
The website easycdg may help you figure out where you are going to land if this is your first time in France. Or you may consult the official website of...
Sam, 18 Août, 2018 sur 7:18 H
[ESSEC shuttle/navette]
ESSEC students can hop in ESSEC shuttles in evenings for free to return to ESSEC residences.
Sam, 18 Févr., 2023 sur 10:59 H