ERASMUS : Concord Platform

Information about the CONCORD platform: step management

Why use Concord Platform to complete the ERASMUS file?
Concord is a management Platform that allows you to comply with the requirements of a procedure. The procedure comprises 3 steps : Step 1 "Before...
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Concord Email
NUMBERINFORMATION1Email information (Step, Concord, etc.)2Go to Concord Platform Start the step
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NUMBER INFORMATIONEXEMPLE1 Step Status Négociation :                    No signature Signature en cours :        Student signature Signé :       ...
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Download/upload/delete a document
1 .  Download the attachment 2 .  Upload a document 3 .  Delete a document        
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Required field and Signature
NUMBER REQUESTED INFORMATION EXAMPLE 1 Language of your mobility (lessons or work) English, German, Spanish, Italian, etc. 2 Do you want Online La...
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