You intend doing an internship - duration minimum 2 months  - in one of the Erasmus+ eligible countries (see Ernest FAQ: The Erasmus Program 2021-27 - Eligible Countries) and wish to apply for an Erasmus scholarship?

Nothing easier! Just follow these 3 steps...

Firstly you must inform the ESSEC Erasmus coordinator via the Ernest platform about your internship project 



To start the procedure the ESSEC Erasmus Coordinator will send you an information email and an application form that you must complete. 

Without this document your application file will not be opened.

If you are eligible, you will then receive an email setting out the details of the procedure.

Once engaged in the Erasmus process you must validate 2 steps to receive the scholarship until the closure of your file. 

  • Step 2: Confirmation of start of mobility
  • Step 3: Confirmation of end of mobility


The Essec coordinator will send you:

  • an email setting out the details of the procedure
  • a Grant Agreement via Docusign
  • an email regarding the first language test.

You will also receive:

  • From OLS: access to 1st language test (mandatory unless working language is mother tongue)

To be sent:

  • Before your mobility start date:
  • Copy of your EHIC - European Health Insurance Card (mandatory) / CEAM (Carte Européenne d'Assurance Maladie) OR International private health Insurance certificate if you cannot provide the EHIC/CEAM
  • Civil Liability Insurance certificate / Attestation d'assurance responsabilité civile
  • Work accident insurance (if need be)  
  • On arrival:
  • Arrival certificate
  • Learning agreement BEFORE the mobility

To be entered:

  • Your IBAN (bank details) on your MyRegistrar account (mandatory to receive payment of scholarship)

When you have completed and sent ALL the required documents you will receive 70% of your scholarship.


At the end of your mobility you will have to complete the final step. (The end date is based on the information indicated on your Certificate of arrival. If the end date changes you must inform the ESSEC Erasmus Coordinator immediately.)

You will receive:

  • From Erasmus automatically- A UE report/survey sent the day after your end date (mandatory). If changes in end date see above.
  • From OLS automatically - The 2nd language test sent the 15th of the month of the end date (mandatory if 1st score obtained is equal or below C1.) Exempted if 1st score = C2

  • From ESSEC (to be completed by host company) :
    • Certificate of Attendance (mandatory)
    • Learning Agreement After Mobility (mandatory)

When you have completed and sent ALL the required documents your file will be validated and closed and you will receive the final 30% of your scholarship.