ERASMUS+ STUDY and INTERNSHIP mobility grants - How does it work?
IMPORTANT: The minimum duration of a study or internship mobility is 2 months (60 days) and the maximum duration is 12 months (360 days) per c...
Ven, 17 Mai, 2024 à 9:41 H
ERASMUS+: INTERNSHIP mobility scholarship procedure / Procédure bourse mobilité de STAGE
You intend doing an internship - duration minimum 2 months/60 days  - in one of the Erasmus+ eligible countries (see Ernest FAQ: The Erasmus Program 2021-27...
Lun, 15 Avr., 2024 à 10:41 H
The Erasmus+ Programme 2021-2027 - Eligible Countries
The Erasmus+ Programme is open to the following countries:  (1) the UK has opted not to take part as an associated third country in the new Erasmus+ progra...
Lun, 15 Avr., 2024 à 10:36 H
Europass Tools
Europass website : Europass CV video : 
Lun, 23 Avr., 2018 à 4:16 H
Housing scams
Avoiding Housing Scams : Watch out for scams/things to watch out for in your housing search in the private market: be cautious! Typically, there are a f...
Lun, 23 Avr., 2018 à 1:50 H
ERASMUS+ -Assurance Responsabilité Civile / Civil Liability Insurance Coverage
Obligatoire pour les candidats à la bourse Erasmus+ pour une mobilité de stage / Mandatory if you want to apply for an Erasmus+ grant for an internship mobi...
Ven, 5 Août, 2022 à 10:09 H
Erasmus: The EU Survey
The European Commission has launched a new online survey about the impact of international mobility or cooperation programmes in education, training, youth ...
Ven, 15 Janv., 2021 à 4:02 H
Special needs support
Person with special needs is a potential participant whose individual physical, mental or health-related condition is such that his/her participation in the...
Jeu, 12 Mars, 2020 à 2:17 H
International Insurance
The Erasmus agency strongly advises students to subscribe a complementary health insurance (Essec partner).
Jeu, 12 Mars, 2020 à 2:09 H
How to enter your bank details (IBAN) on MyRegistrar
The Erasmus grant is paid in 2 installments: The first 70% of the total amount of your grant when you have completed and sent all the required docum...
Jeu, 12 Mars, 2020 à 2:07 H